Unit P


Precal Review 1 Notes Outline

Precal Review 2 Notes Outline

Precal Review 3 Notes Outline


Assignments (will be collected on the first day of each week and on the day of the unit test for remaining assignments):

8/30/18 Read Unit P (P1-P3) in Textbook (due Tuesday)

9/4/18 Precalculus Review Worksheet #1: Functions and Graphs (due tomorrow)

9/5/18 Precalculus Review Worksheet #2: Linear Models (due tomorrow)

9/7/18 Precalculus Review Worksheet #3: Trigonometric Functions (due Tuesday)

9/10/18 Precalculus Review Worksheet #4: Precalculus Review Test Practice (due Wednesday)

9/12/18 Precalculus Review Test; Read 1.2-1.6; Print Unit 1 Notes

Other Resources:

Trigonometric Functions-Evaluation Study Guide

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